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  • "Christine is the best educator I've ever taken a class with. I am so grateful to have had the experience of a 1:1 class with her. If you're taking a balayage class, and you know that you might need extra help, just go for the 1:1. You will leave with a new appreciation for balayage , and new skills that will make you a better stylist. You're worth it, and you'll love working with Christine!

    Jessie D

  • "Christine! I tried the formula you shared a few days ago. My client's hair neverrrr glazes evenly and this turned out amazing. Everything you said with adding warmth and porosity issues made so much sense. Just wanted to say thanks! Your posts are so helpful."

    Marisa D

  • " I spent the day in a color formulation class. Customizing hair color is way more than just picking a tube. Knowing the undertones within the natural hair, porosity, enhancing tones, correcting tones, colors to compliment skin tone and eye color are only a few of the factors when picking the right hair color. I've been doing this for 15 years and still learned SO much today. Thank you, Christine for a great class! Can't wait to start reformulating colors tomorrow!"